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Security Guard Tiers
At  Sigma Security, we provide three different tiers of guards—including standard, advanced, and veteran—in our standard security guard services:
Standard security guards provide a visual deterrent to potential vandals and thieves, and can call the police in an emergency. They are equipped with a flashlight and cell phone but do not carry weapons.
Advanced security guards have better communication skills and more hours of field experience under their belts. They are referred to as lead guards, supervisors, or patrol officers. Like standard guards, advanced guards do not carry weapons.
Veteran security guards are made up of ex-law enforcement officers and ex-military personnel. Many of them have been in the business for years and have extensive certifications, including training, de-escalation tactics, extensive report writing, knowledge of the law, and more.

 Guard Services for Hire
Security guards are a crucial part of keeping your property safe. They are an excellent visual deterrent to would-be criminals or intruders, and a well-trained security guard can quickly respond to incidents unlike any other security solution. Here at Sigma Security, we provide the best security guard , with customized security guard solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Standard Guard Services
Whether you’re looking to protect a construction site, business, or commercial property, standard security guards are a great crime deterrent and can seamlessly integrate with your operation. Not every security situation or need is the same, and we provide three levels of standard security guards to best fit you and your organization:

    Standard Guards—entry-level security guards that provide basic security
    Advanced Guards—experienced security guard supervisors with years of experience
    Veteran Guards—ex-law enforcement and ex-military personnel with additional training

Mobile Patrol
When you need security guards to deter theft or vandalism but don’t need a constant security guard presence, mobile patrol security services are an ideal option. Our marked mobile patrol vehicles are driven by our certified security guards and can efficiently patrol an entire workplace, providing a cost-effective alternative to standard guard services. Mobile patrol routes and patrol frequency can be customized to your specific security needs.

Security Guard Provider 
Sigma Security can provide the security guard services that you need. No matter if you require standard security guards, mobile patrol, you’ll find that our guards will provide peace of mind and perform admirably. And we’re not simply a security guard company—we’re a full-service security company that will work with you to find the best security solution, be it guards, alarms, or something else. Let’s get our partnership started—contact us online today.<

Common Security Guard Responsibilities
While each security guard tier provides unique benefits and different levels of experience, they all share common responsibilities on the job, including:
    Enforcing company policies
    Responding to emergencies
    Protecting property
    Controlling building access
    Monitoring digital surveillance systems and alarms
    Patrolling areas on foot
    Performing security checks
    Filing incident reports


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Personalized Executive Protection Services

At Sigma Security, we can tailor our executive protection services to the exact nature of your business, including the types of threats you might face, the layout of your facilities, the makeup of your staff, the structure of your operations, and a host of other factors. It all starts with an in-depth consultation process in which we carefully listen to your needs and make recommendations based on combined experience.


Sigma security envisions a safer, smarter, cleaner world. That vision underpins our fierce commitment to environmental, health, and safety excellence. Protecting our people, clients, and communities we serve and driving sustainable business practices is not just the right thing to do, it is essential to our success.

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